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About Dr. Hannigan

Lets get to know a little bit about Dr. Hannigan.

About Dr. Hannigan

* Dr. Hannigan is the only board certified Optometrist in Georgetown, Liberty Hill, Leander, Cedar Park, Burnet, and Marble falls.

* Dr. Hannigan has over 30 years experience !

* Dr. Hannigan Was an Adjunct Professor at The University Of Houston College of Optometry.

(24 local eye doctors have been HIS students)

* Dr. Hannigan was the past president of the Liberty Hill Noon Lion's Club

* Dr. Hannigan is a member of the Liberty Hill Schools Health Advisory Council

* Dr. Hannigan is a published author

*Dr. Hannigan is a National Lecturer

There you have it. Just a little bit about the Dr.

There is much more to be SEEN and learned by coming to visit us here at Liberty Hill Eye Associates.



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